Welcome to

Holy Spirit



a la Iglesia del

Espíritu Santo!

St. Mary Magdalen



Welcome to

a la Iglesia de

Santa Maria Magdalena!

Welcome to Holy Spirit and St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Churches!

Located in Mid-City and West Los Angeles, we are welcoming multicultural communities of faith. Please take a few minutes to explore our website and learn about our parishes.

Mass Times at Holy Spirit Mass Times at St. Mary Magdalen
Saturdays: 5 pm (English)
Sundays:   7 am (Spanish)
9 am (English)
11 am (Spanish)
1 pm (Spanish)

Weekdays: 8 am Monday-Friday (Bilingual)
10 am Saturday (Bilingual)

Devotional Masses
Wednesday 7 pm – Our Lady of Perpetual Help (English)
Thursday 7 pm – St. Joseph/Santa Monica (English)
First Friday 7 pm – Sacred Heart (Spanish)
Exposition, Adoration, Confession & Mass

Saturdays: 5 pm (English)
7 pm (Spanish)
Sundays: 8 am (English)
10 am (English)
12 noon (English)

Weekdays: 7 am (English)

Devotional Masses
Monday 6:30 pm – Our Lady of Perpetual Help (English)
Saturday 9 am – Alliance of the Two Hearts (English)

Holy Days: 7 am and 7 pm (English)