by Dr. Stephan Flascha, Parishioner at St. Mary Magdalen

Today’s second reading of Apostle Paul’s letter to the Corinthians is best addressed to all mankind, decrying divisiveness, because we all are one body in Christ.

From the song We Are the Body of Christ (#579 in the Breaking Bread songbook):                                                                                                  

– We are the body of Christ.
– We´ve answered  “Yes” to the call of the Lord
– We come to bring the good news to the world
– God is revealed when we love one another
– Bringing the light of God´s mercy to others
– Putting a stop to all discrimination
– We are the body of Christ.
– All are invited to feast in the banquet
– Stopping abuse and relieving the hungry
– Serving each other we build up the kingdom

In this journey, we are one body of Christ. Let’s reflect on two parishioners, who passed away in December, both nonagenarians (in their nineties).  This January, many of our hardworking clergy, were privileged to accompany them to their tombs at Culver City’s Holy Cross Cemetery.

Eugene John Barbie:  In 1947 he joined the parish of St Mary Magdalen. The details of his contributions were eulogized by relentlessly serving Octogenarian (in his eighties) George Schoenstetter.

Isdoro A. Aclan: Patriarch of the Aclan family, sacristan at St Timothy for decades and always  joined us for St Mary Magdalen Lenten retreats.

We are “a small parish with a big heart”. Each one of us carry the faith that we have “a god given purpose” in the Body of Christ.

We have faith that like every part of the body has a function, from mouth to anus, from all our senses, eyes, ears, smell, we all work together.

 Let’s all work together in faith that the next generations will carry on this torch from our deceased nonagenarians, not just as parishioners but as disciple of Jesus. “Now you are the body of Christ and each one of you is a Part of it.”