by Rev. Gabriel Nakamu Emuria, AJ, Associate Pastor at Holy Spirit & St. Mary Magdalen Churches

The goal of any human life is to attain joy. True joy is only found in God. The readings of this Sunday invite us to seek the kingdom of God. Some of us have decided to build our own kingdoms instead of seeking God and trusting in Him. When God has blessed them with possessions they do not have time for prayer. Instead they exploit and abuse the poor in their community. They trust their own strength and live deceitful pleasant lives.

The first reading for today reminds us that the poor and the suffering always trust in God. A life of poverty consists of spiritual openness and inner disposition to receive the word of God. They always remain faithful to God, trusting in God’s providence in terms of support and security. The poor and the suffering open themselves to God and invoke Him. They receive blessings from God because God is with them. They don’t trust their own strength or any human power.

The thing that make us not build good trust in God is our own comfort zone. Most of our time is taken up by pleasure, theft, commerce, politics, trade or our profession, hatred, exploiting workers, selfishness and having wicked friends. We end up putting our trust in our own human effort and hope which always drives us to disaster. No Christian seeks suffering or destitution. God wants us to share our goods or to be generous, offer service, seek forgiveness reconciliation constantly.

Those who choose the selfish accumulation of goods while others languish and die of hunger are the enemies of the Kingdom of God and so they are accursed. The second reading invites us to detach our hearts from earthly riches which are deceitful. Our time here in the world is limited; our full and final life will come only after the earthly life.

Jesus is warning us in the Gospel that the rich place their trust in their riches. They keep on building their kingdom in this world. The kingdom of God becomes remote and hazy to them. He is assuring us that it is only God who can satisfy the hunger of our hearts. It is good to have a good connection or company with God. Blessings flow to those who make God’s law the guiding rule of their lives.