by Rev. Joseph Okech Adhunga, A.J., Pastor of Holy Spirit & St. Mary Magdalen

If one may recall, our first reflection of this year’s Lenten season as a community of St. Mary Magdalen and Holy Spirit Churches: “Obedience binds together in Love and Faith.” Congratulations to those who have persevered in love and Faith to celebrate the Resurrection of the risen Lord. All those who have persevered genuinely will feel greater spiritual energy to proclaim, “Jesus is truly risen from the dead, alleluia, alleluia!”

The Gospel of John 20: 1-9 describes the event of the resurrection, the empty tomb. Mary of Magdala who went early in the morning and other disciples, Peter and the other disciple who Jesus loved verified that the tomb was empty.

The empty tomb is a power of God’s victory over death. God’s love for all men and women is contained in the power of the “Resurrection.” It is this power of the resurrection, the victory over death, which gathers people all over the world on the Easter Sunday to proclaim the Good News. Later on, the disciples became witnesses of the risen Lord and moved in different directions to proclaim the Good News in various capacities of ministries. It is uplifting spirit to observe people experiencing the power of the resurrection of the Risen Lord in Churches and communities in so many different ways in the world.

From the time of Mary Magdalen to the first Apostles of Jesus and to our time, people have endured persecutions and martyrdom to spread the Good News. Some missionaries who followed later including founders of different congregations have died very painful deaths, endured various challenges but never gave up. You and me are fruits of their faith in the resurrection. Can one imagine how these first missionaries including those who went to Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world were determined to continue to witness the power of the resurrection? Above all it is the same power of the resurrection which move some members in our churches to serve tirelessly in different ministries at St. Mary Magdalen and Holy Spirit to make this celebration beautiful the way it is today.

Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to wish All the Leaders of St. Mary Magdalen and Holy Spirit Parishes, Parish Staff, Teachers, Students, Ministries, various Group Leaders, and Families Happy Easter and Blessings of the Risen Lord. And I thank you all. May the witness of the power of the Resurrection surpass all our cultures, traditions, and race. Amen.